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Information and Cause of Traumatic Brain Injury In New York

Whereas, each year in New York State, an average of 2,169 people die from a traumatic brain injury and 16,382 are hospitalized for treatment of a brain injury, causing untold costs in terms of the emotional and financial devastation to that individual and his or her family; and Whereas, while brain injuries often occur early in life – between birth and 17 years of age – most traumatic brain injuries occur among people age 65 and above, and the potential consequences are memory loss, inability to concentrate, speech problems, motor and sensory deficits, personality changes, and varying degrees of dependency; and

Whereas, New York State has implemented an enhanced and integrated system of brain injury services, including point of injury trauma response, inpatient rehabilitation programming, community integration with special services through the Home and Community-Based Waiver, an innovative housing program; and Whereas, this State also has a key role in national organizations dedicated to providing prevention and education programs, research, outreach and other services for individuals with brain injury and their families; and Whereas, because most brain injuries are incurable, practical and sensible measures that can prevent such injuries from occurring in the first place are especially crucial, and it is recognized that through education and greater public awareness of the consequences of brain injuries, both incidence and severity can be reduced and the chances of recovery for survivors can be improved; and

Whereas, it is fitting for New Yorkers to support initiatives that focus on critical health issues and that improve overall public health and safety, and therefore, we join to acknowledge the worthy goals of this observance which seeks to mitigate the damaging effects of brain injuries on our population and, moreover, prevent them from occurring at all; Now, Therefore, I, Eliot Spitzer, Governor of the State of New York, do hereby proclaim March 2007 as Brain Injury Awareness Month in the Empire State. Given under my hand and the Privy Seal of the State at the Capitol in the City of Albany this sixth day of February in the year two thousand seven.

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